Oct 1st 2016 U16’s vs Bradford

Game: York Vs Bradford
Date: 1/10/16
Final Score: York 73 – Bradford – 94

Quarter scores:
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
York 15 20 12 23
Bradford 23 34 23 14

Points Scored: Ben HJ 19pts 1/4 FTs, Teilo 13pts 2/4 FTs 1 3pt, Tom 10pts 3/4 FTs 1 3pt, Will 10 1/5 FTs, George S 5pts, 3/4 FTs, Andy 5 pts 1/1 FTs, Sam 4pts, George H 2pts, Nathan 1/2 FTs,
Player of the Game: George Stead: Although he didn’t score the most amount of points he made lots of good decisions. On defence he was good at intercepting the ball and diving for the loose ball. On offence he attacked the basket which either resulted in them committing a foul or a pass off to teammate for a layup.
Game Summary:
Coming in to this game we knew Bradford were going to be a good team. Having lost to them at U14s 120 – 38 and 114 – 28. I think this affected the team as we started out very unconfident and going down 7- 0 missing 4 free throws. Bradford put lots of pressure on the ball and we struggled with this at first. After the bad start the team started to get going. The passing and cutting worked well. The cutter got free down the middle which either ended up in a layup, them committing a foul or a pass to someone who is free.
Rebounding in this game for us was poor. They got a lot of offensive rebounds meaning they got 2 or 3 shots on some possessions. If we allow this to happen we will struggle to win games. Next time everyone needs to get stuck in rebounding and boxing out a man. It was a different story for us. The majority of offences we had one shot and that was it. We should look to go for more offensive rebounds. We also looked after the ball poorly too. Too many forced passes or soft passes which got stolen which created a lot more possessions for them.
The U15s playing in this game I think did well. I already mentioned George as the player of the game. Will did some simple things well like cutting to basket when his man rotated over. This resulted in lay ups for him or getting fouled and shooting free throws which was good. Teilo played well the 2nd half scoring all his points in this half. Sam had the biggest challenge marking their big guy but didn’t shy away from the challenge and seems to have improved from last season. Nathan did well at running the floor, although it didn’t result in many points for him this game but he made some good passes for other people to score. The U16s are doing well at setting the example. Andy works very hard on defence which is how I want all the players to play. George is doing good at being the leader and talking to U15s to help them out. Ben and Tom continue to be consistent offensive threats. Both move off the ball well on offence.
Overall I think Bradford will be one of the better teams we face this season, there are just a few adjustments we need to make with how we approach the game then I think we able to compete with them.

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