Oct 9th 2016 U16s vs East Durham

Game: York @ East Durham
Date: 9/10/16
Final Score: York 107 – East Durham – 37

Quarter scores:
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
York 26 24 30 27
E. Durham 13 4 8 12

Points Scored: Teilo 21pts 2/2 FTs 1 3pt, Jack 17pts 1/2 FTs, Will 16pts 0/4 FTs, Ben H-J 16pts, James 12pts 1/2 FTs 1 3pt, Jacob 11pts 4/6 FTs 1 3pt., Tom 7pts 1 3pt, Ben T 2pts.
Player of the Game: Teilo, I gave Teilo player of the game not because he scored the most points but he put a lot effort into his defence setting the tone for the team. I hope he continues his defensive effort.
Game Summary:
Overall I am pleased with the team’s performance this game. They managed to avoid the slow start that they had the last 2 games and looked ready to play. The ball movement was much better on offence with players unselfishly moving the ball and making good cuts to the basket for a layup. There was a couple of bad defensive breakdowns but mostly the defence was good. We identified who their good player was and worked as a team to stop him. The U15s did well stepping up and making the most of their time on court.
As I mentioned before Teilo played some good defence pressuring the ball handler to get lots of steals which led to fast breaks for us. Jack was a close 2nd for player of the game. This was the best I have seen him play. He did simple things well like cutting to the basket and finished lay ups. His defence looked improved also highlighted by his good defensive position to take a charge. Will had the toughest defensive assignment as we was marking their best player who did everything for them. I think he did well holding his ground on defence as he also managed to draw a charge. Will blocked several shots and really intimidated the opponents which is exactly what we need from him. He just needs to make his free throws. Ben scored a lot of points of cuts to the basket and seems to have a good sense of timing to do this working well with Will who will find him if he cuts. Ben also had a rebounding game and gave lots of effort to get the rebound. He must work on his long passes as a lot of them did end up out of bounds.
JT stuck to the game plan I set which was to move the ball and attack when there is a mismatch. He made some good outlet passes on the fast break and didn’t hesitate to move the ball in a 5 on 5 offence. Jacob played most the game with a mismatch on offence. The team didn’t do very well at recognising this and Jacob needs to be more vocal to make the team aware of this. When the team did find good things normally happened he either scored or got fouled. This was a game where Tom could have easily scored 20+ points himself but he showed he is a team player by moving the ball and getting the U15s involved. Ben T could have scored more; he just needs more confidence to take the ball to basket. But he worked hard and managed to get quite a few rebounds and steals which was pleasing to see.

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