Sep 24 2016 U16s vs Barnsley

Game: York @ Barnsley
Date: 24/9/16
Final Score: York – 81 Barnsley – 42

Scores:Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
York 17 18 21 24
Barnsley 8 14 5 15

Points Scored: Ben HJ 23pts 3/4 FTs, George H 21pts 3/3 FTs, Tom H 14pts 4/5 FTs, Jack S 8pts 0/2 FTs, James T 5pts 1 3pt, Will J 4 pts 2/3 FTs, Jacob S 4pts, Ben T 2pts
Player of the Game: George Halliday – George provided a scoring contribution attacking the basket, good defensive intensity disrupting the other team’s guards and most importantly provided good leadership for the U15s on the squad.
Game Summary:
It was a tough start to the game. Both teams struggled to score showing some first game rust. After 7 minutes the score was 9 – 4. They had only managed score 2 baskets and we only scored 3 baskets (the other 3 points came from 1 free throw and a basket Barnsley scored in their own basket). The struggle was down to lack of movement on offence with everyone stood watching the ball. The last 3 minutes the movement was much better with good cuts to the basket resulting in lay ups or free throws.
In the 2nd quarter the defence was disappointing. The majority of Barnsley’s 14pts came from a pass and cut to basket. We have gone through how to defend this in training but it is clear we must revisit this. This resulted in lots of fouls as we defended cuts badly and got out of good defensive position. Then our defensive rotations were late which also resulted in fouls.
Quarter 3 was our best of the game. We only allowed 5pts which we should have looked to do all game. This was partly due to improved defence but also Barnsley struggling to make their free throws. With 2 minutes to go Barnsley called time out and York switched to a zone to practice it. This proved very successful as Barnsley seemed unsure on how to attack the zone and meant York came up with lots of steals and interceptions leading to easy fast breaks.
For the last quarter Barnsley also switched to a zone. This switch was good for us as it allowed us to practice zone offence. York seemed comfortable attacking the zone as we had our best scoring quarter. This was good see having struggled previously in CVLs and friendly games with zone offence. The ball movement and cuts were just as we practiced and seemed very effective. To end the game, we had the moment of the match… Ben Tarver’s basket. It was good to see the team work together to help him get the basket.

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